Primary Election - August 7, 2018

Elections present a great deal of responsibility to us, the voters. Whether it is a local, regional, or national election the voters must take it upon themselves to learn all they can about the candidates that will in turn help shape their community's future. 

Elections can be an exciting time for the community going forward, so here we provide a few informational pieces for you to help your decision.

Perhaps the handiest and most accessible piece of information during an election is the Voters' Guide. This publication offers background and statements from each candidate and may showcase their stance on the issues. 

For a list of candidates, to check your registration, and other elections services visit the Mason County Auditor's website.

Meet the Candidates

Here is a full list of candidates, in ballot order:

Melody Peterson
Patti McLean

Paddy McGuire

Sharon (Moore) Fogo

County Commissioner District 3
Sharon Trask
Mary Jo Cady
Kathy Chaussee
Kevin Schmelzlen

Wes Stockwell

Michael Dorcy

Darin Holland
Casey Salisbury

Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier

District Court Judge
Eric Valley
George A. Steele
Eugene C. Austin
John R. Bonin
Stephen D. Greer