President's Choice 2018

Ray Frederick

Selected by John Lester, Shelton-Mason County Journal, 2018 Chamber Board President

Ray Frederick owns Garage Sale Maniacs along with his wife Keri. A self-proclaimed history fanatic, he opened the business after a long career in the church. Frederick has spoken to crowds of thousands and people would listen with great attention, but his biggest influence comes from his willingness to spend countless hours teaching, coaching, and building up individuals, all while expecting and receiving no personal gain. Frederick served two terms on the Chamber's board of trustees.


2018 Chamber Board President Will Johnson said "We all know that you can’t give away what you don’t possess and the same is true of wisdom. Some people have some, some people have a lot, and some people devote their lives to the pursuit of wisdom so intently that when they speak, those who listen have their lives forever changed." Johnson asserted that the President’s Choice recipient, Ray Frederick, was born to change lives. He continued on, saying that Frederick's influence continues to grow and each new generation continues to benefit because of his coaching and his personal devotion to an uncommon life. "Marriages are stronger, finances are better, leaders gain wisdom, and children leave their parents homes wiser and better prepared."


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