2019 Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall have charge of all of the affairs of the association and the management of all of its property and funds.  It shall have the power and it shall be its duty to carry out the purposes of the association... – Article V, Sec 3; Bylaws

Executive Committee

Lisa Perry
Sierra Pacific Industries
(360) 623-9545

Will Johnson
Cogent Construction
(360) 427-3162 

Marty Crow
Habitat for Humanity of Mason County
(360) 426-8134

Rev. 1/25/19

Trustees at Large

Melanie Bakala
State Farm Insurance
(360) 426-2428

Justin Baze
Black Star
(360) 427-9614

Tom Beben
Smoking Mo's
(360) 462-0163

Ashley Brady
Brady Trucking Co.
(360) 426-3132

Andy Conklin
Conklin Team at Windermere
(360) 426-2646

Ray Frederick
Garage Sale Maniacs
(360) 239-8472 

Jan Morris
The Hardware Distillery Co.
(206) 300-0877            

Jeff Selby
Awnaroll Painting
(360) 427-4268

Lisa Woodard
Columbia Bank
(360) 426-5581

Rev. 5/21/19

Nominations and Election

Each year at the October Membership Meeting nominations for the ensuing Board of Trustees term are announced, in accordance with the Chamber’s bylaws. Those nominees are recommended by the Nominating Committee and must be members in good standing whom have consented to serve; additional nominations may be taken from the floor during that membership meeting, so long as the nominee is also in good standing and has given their consent to serve. 

Following that meeting, ballots containing all nominations are mailed to members in good standing via USPS. Newly elected Trustees will be announced at the November Membership Meeting and formally installed at the Annual Awards Gala in January. 

Criteria for Eligibility:

1. Member in good standing; membership paid in full;
2. No Trustee may serve more than two consecutive elected terms; and
3. Consent of member to be nominated is required.

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